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Golden Retriever Puppies!
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Golden Retriever Pup
Learn about our puppies, and what makes us stand above the rest.
We have a reputation for the best quality Golden Retriever Puppies in Long Island New York, NY and the New England area. 
We Breed and also hand-select Puppies from a network of Reputable Breeders.

Our Golden Retriever puppies for sale are healthy purebred pups with beautiful coats and wonderful personalities. They are bred and raised to be well-adapted to people, but are still young enough to form a special bond with you and your family.

Our place of business is not a pet shop, It is a home.
Please click More Info to learn about the documentation that will come with your new baby boy or girl.

Of course you want to know that your new puppy is 100% purebred and healthy.We provide this information to give you peace of mind.

All of our Golden Retriever puppies are registered and can come with blood line papers (5 generations of ancestry) to support that they are purebred. The puppies have medical records documenting all administered medicines, they are always evaluated by a veterinarian and have health certificates supporting that they were given a clean bill of health. Please contact us if you have any questions. We always have quality Golden Retriever puppies for sale. 

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